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  • Airline Ground Services Winter 2013/Spring 2014

    Airline Ground Services Winter 2013/Spring 2014

    Date of issue:01/12/2013

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    This edition of Airline Ground Services has a big focus on safety, avoiding accidents on the apron and the insurance coverage that protects operators from at least some of the financial implications of any so-called ‘ramp rash’. It is a massive area of concern for airports, airlines and handlers alike.

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  • Airline Ground Services June 2013

    Airline Ground Services June 2013

    Date of issue:30/04/2013

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    In this issue of AGS we look into plane refuelling, we ask the big ground service providers what they believe lies ahead, review some IT advances in airline revenue management, try out some premium lounges for their comfort, ask for a legal opinion on new EU directives – and much more.

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  • Airline Ground Services December 2012

    Airline Ground Services December 2012

    Date of issue:03/12/2012

    In an increasingly low cost world thank goodness that there are still some who regard top quality as a service prerequisite and these people are willing to pay a decent price to get the standard of quality they want. But it is actually a delicate balancing act, we discover, when talking to a procurement director at British Airways, who says that by weighing up the level of quality you can obtain against the price that you are being asked to pay enables you to calculate the real cost of the service you want to obtain.

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  • Airline Ground Services June 2012

    Airline Ground Services June 2012

    Date of issue:07/05/2012

    With the EU discussing opening up particular markets for ramp and passenger services, with a mandate that there must be three handlers at major airports in Europe, these are interesting times for airline ground services, not least because of the economic environment. In this issue of AGS, there is confirmation from many that testify to the continuing challenging conditions in the aviation sector as a whole; volatile and optimistic seem to best describe the prospects for the remainder of 2012. 

    Against this encouraging backdrop, AGS looks at some encouraging examples of success for ground handlers around the world where emerging markets for airlines are indeed developing, especially in Africa and India. Technology continues to be a game changer with its impact not only on the departure experience for passengers but also in the cargo world, where shipments can be tracked from smartphones and other devices.

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  • Airline Ground Services November 2011

    Airline Ground Services November 2011

    Date of issue:01/11/2011

    Jo Murray speaks to Nils Ecke, Vice President Product Management Airport & Passenger Services, and Oliver Widmann, Head of Commercial Airport Relations, Lufthansa, about the airline's penchant for outsourcing the handling function and yet remaining firmly in charge of all the important parameters on the ground.

    Turkish Ground Services comprises more than 3,000 pieces of equipment and 6,000 staff. It offers ramp, passenger and cargo handling services. Airline Ground Services finds out more from Bayram Ozcelik, General Manager of TGS.

    Norwegian Air Shuttle is the second largest airline in Scandinavia, and has a route network that stretches across Europe into North Africa and the Middle East. Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, spokesperson for Norwegian, explains how the airline manages its operations on the ground.

    In the development of ground services Rikke H Pallesen, Director Ground Operations, at Cimber Sterling tells Airline Ground Services that the airline strives to offer the best service to all its passengers.

    Robert Sikam, Director, Airline IT solutions, EMEA, Travelport, tells Jo Murray that there is not necessarily a clear cross over in terms of customers between the GDS part of the business and the Airline IT Solutions business but both have a vital role to play.

    Danube Wings, the Slovak air carrier, transported 86,894 passengers in 2010. We speak to Captain Peter Galovic, Chief Executive Officer, Danube Wings, about the airline's arrangements for ground handling.

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