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  • James_Sheridan

    James Sheridan

    Job title Chairman
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    James trained as a Chartered Surveyor (FRICS) and can call on extensive 
    experience in the fields of property development, marketing and promotion.

    In recent years his wide ranging commercial interests have included aviation publishing. We are glad to have the benefit of his contacts, advice and corporate experience, together with his enthusiastic support for the growing range of activities undertaken by our company. 

  • Parveen_Raja

    Parveen Raja

    Job title Publisher
    Email [email protected]
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    With a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry Parveen Raja is now responsible for EVA International Media Ltd.  Previously co-owner of award-winning Air Transport Publications where she launched a number of magazines and yearbooks, she has also been integral to the launch and success of a number of other aviation publishing and event companies.

  • Rosa_Bellanca

    Rosa Bellanca

    Job title Commercial Director
    Email [email protected]
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    Rosa has joined us as Commercial Director, having previously been International Sales Manager at The A-Z Group where she was responsible for print, digital, TV, exhibition sales & sponsorships. Her extensive international experience in aviation publishing includes senior positions at Air Transport Publications, Euromoney, The Builder Group and Reed Business International (RBI), where she launched a number of market leading titles and on-line products.  This wealth of in-depth knowledge and contacts enables us to build the strength and leading market position of our publications and conferences.

  • Bhavi_Patel

    Bhavi Patel

    Job title Events Coordinator
    Email [email protected]
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    Bhavi has recently left University and has now joined the EVA team in the important role of Events Coordinator. She provides the essential organising support for EVA conferences, ensuring they are delivered to the highest standard and continue to run successfully. She also works closely with Rosa, contributing to the marketing and communications strategy of all EVA events.

  • Charlotte_Willis

    Charlotte Willis

    Job title Events Administrator
    Email [email protected]
    Phone +44 (0) 20 8668 9118

    Charlotte has an important position as our events administrator, working closely with the conference co-ordinator, and providing support for all EVA events.

    Charlotte also maintains the circulation databases, coordinates email campaigns, and has a further responsibility for our social media sites including LinkedIn and Twitter .


  • Kirsty_Anne_Powell

    Kirsty Anne Powell

    Job title Editor - Airline Ground Services
    Email [email protected]
    Phone +44(0) 208 668 9118

    Kirsty joins the team as the new editor of Airline Ground Services magazine, bringing a wealth of wide-ranging experience to the role. Most recently, she was editorial team leader for Marhaba, Qatar's leading information guide for ex-pats and tourists, having previously managed the live animal facility at Doha International Airport. Prior to moving to Qatar she was publications manager for a large, UK-based charity. She also has experience in event management, marketing, web design and advertising sales.

  • Sheldon_Pink

    Sheldon Pink

    Job title Graphic Designer/Production
    Email [email protected] \ [email protected]
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    EVA International Media benefits from Sheldon’s years of experience in the design industry. We can thank him for the consistently high standards that we achieve with our printed materials, and with the design expertise that is evident in the magazines and on the website. He continues to seek innovations that ensure our products are leaders in the marketplace and sets standards that are hard to beat.

  • Shobhana_Patel_

    Shobhana Patel

    Job title Head of Finance
    Email [email protected]
    Phone + 44 (0) 208 668 9118

    We are able to benefit from Shobhana’s detailed knowledge of accountancy matters obtained from her considerable experience with leading UK public companies. She is now at the centre of our accounts operations - responsible for all invoicing and supplier payments and most importantly, the company payroll.

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